Are you concerned that your spouse is cheating on you? Do you think that the custodial parent in your divorce settlement might be neglectful or abusive? Our law firm can help you investigate any of these concerns through undercover surveillance. We can help you acquire admissible evidence that may influence your divorce proceedings and protect you and your children. We work with professional investigators who have years of expertise in surveillance and are educated in the latest discreet surveillance techniques.

Performing surveillance is sometimes the only way to get important evidence that can change the outcome of your divorce settlement. Surveillance can uncover abusive or neglectful acts, like a custodial parent who leaves a young child home alone or unsupervised in a dangerous situation. It can also reveal an affair or other secret liaison on the part of your spouse. While surveillance may not be necessary in every divorce case, and most proceed without it, it can be the deciding factor in some divorce settlements and modification cases.

Correctly documented surveillance of the targeted spouse can determine who is awarded custody of a child or how property is divided in the final divorce settlement. Surveillance that reveals an affair can lead to divorce proceedings which otherwise might be difficult to put in motion. Our firm can help connect you to professional, discrete investigators who are knowledgeable in the most up-to-date surveillance techniques and who will support you in your legal case.

Our firm can also advise you on the types of evidence that will have the greatest effect in the courtroom and help you to cull that type of evidence from surveillance records. With expertise in divorce law and other associated areas, The Law Offices of Steven C. Benke can help guide you through the investigation and divorce processes.