Property Division

If you are going through a divorce, you are probably concerned about the distribution of your property. How can you equitably distribute the items acquired over the course of your marriage? At The Law Office Of Steven C. Benke in San Antonio, we specialize in Texas property division laws and can help you to develop a plan to fairly divide your property.

There are different laws about property division in each state, but in Texas the law states that all property owned during the marriage is communal. Our law office can help you prove your ownership of personal property within the marriage, ensuring that you receive your fair share of property after the divorce. Personal property is defined as possessions that were owned by an individual prior to the marriage or received as a gift during the course of the marriage. Don’t let your property be taken away in an unfair division decision.

Complex Property Division

Of course, there are also more difficult types of property to divide, such as homes and cars. Our firm can help you to negotiate these difficult property divisions. By establishing the net worth of the family estate, we can help you present the court with your best case, and receive a fair share of your communal property. Our firm can also help you to demonstrate a disparity in earnings that would indicate a need for proportional division of property. A 50-50 property division isn’t always the fairest decision.

Debts are also included in the division of property at the time of divorce in Texas. Our firm can help you perform a fact-finding mission to demonstrate the portion of any debt that should be assigned to you. Don’t get stuck with more debt than you deserve, or get trapped by equitable division of debts – come away with only those debts that you personally incurred.

If you are going through a divorce, The Law Office Of Steven C. Benke is there for you. Let us work with you to determine the value of your estate and help you negotiate for fair property distribution in court. Divorce is stressful enough – leave the division of property to us.

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