Divorce is typically a last resort in an unhappy marriage. But, if everything else has failed, or you just cannot be with that other person anymore, then it’s probably time for a divorce. While divorces are unpleasant, choosing to go through an uncontested divorce will make things much easier in several ways. An uncontested divorce means a couple has no remaining disagreements, such as child custody or the division of property. With the main issues resolved, you can now part ways a lot faster, and avoid a big fight. Calling a good uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas can really expedite the process. 

Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce 

When you hear of complicated divorces, it’s usually because there is a child involved, or an issue with asset division. This can drag divorce proceedings out for quite some time, even years if neither side is willing to compromise. Just to give you an idea of how much simpler this process can be: an uncontested divorce usually takes around 3 months to complete, although Texas has a 60-day mandatory waiting period, while an average contested divorce can take up to a year or longer. On top of being an emotional roller-coaster, a long divorce process can drain you financially. Child support, alimony, and lawyer fees can fill the next few years of your life with misery. In an uncontested divorce, both the lawyer fees and court expenses are much lower. Because this type of divorce focuses on accelerating the process, the chances of large conflicts arising are relatively low. If you don’t have a lot to fight about, then your divorce process can go much smoother, and save you a big headache.  

Hardships Of A Contested Divorce 

Even if you wish to part ways without complicating things with your ex-spouse, that may not be possible if you are a parent. When complications are too great, you may actually have to go through a contested divorce. Child custody is rarely an easy subject to agree upon, not to mention the stress that it has on the child. Sometimes, we make rash decisions, just make sure this is not one of them. Call an uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas first, before deciding to do things the hard way.

Finding A Good Uncontested Divorce Attorney 

Once a decision has been made, no matter how painful, the best thing to do is get it done quickly and move on. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of an uncontested divorce is the fact that you can put all of this behind you in a matter of months, instead of waiting out a year, or several just to part ways completely. Keep in mind that every situation is different, so make sure to speak with an uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas before filing any paperwork. A bad divorce can leave you financially crippled, as well as emotionally scarred, which is why it’s recommended to try and work things out before they reach the courtroom.