It may seem counterproductive to hire an aggressive attorney when you begin to negotiate child custody with an ex or soon-to-be former spouse. After all, everyone’s goal is to put the children first and work in their best interests. However, a passive attorney can let keeping everyone happy stand in the way of doing what’s best for you and your children. Keeping everyone happy should be secondary in a child custody case.

However, it’s important to know the difference between an attorney who will help you “get even” and one who will use resolve and strong negotiation skills. Legal experts recommend the best child custody lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, will be one with the latter set of skills and not the former.

The right aggressive attorney is one who will help you gain some perspective before you launch into intense negotiations over child custody. He or she will help you identify your goals as you work to overcome your feelings. And then, the right aggressive attorney will help you fight for them.

Finally, the right aggressive attorney, in sharp contrast to a “get even” attorney, will develop a strategy on your behalf, directed by the needs of your children. And he or she will work tirelessly, and yes, aggressively, to make sure that strategy is realized.

Here are the top reasons you should ensure you have a child custody attorney who isn’t afraid to stand ground on behalf of you and your children.

Deal Breakers

One advantage of an aggressive divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, is your attorney will make learning what your deal-breakers are and negotiate your family law dispute without crossing those boundaries.

More importantly, sometimes, it’s very difficult for an individual involved in a draining, emotional case to fully understand their own boundaries. The desire to reach a settlement may become so intense that you lose resolve. An aggressive attorney will ensure a settlement meets your needs and the needs of your children before you lose your will to continue. And in the rare instance your custody case goes to court, an aggressive attorney will be well-prepared to fight for you in that setting as well.

Experience With Contentious Litigation

Most experienced attorneys are aggressive. Your custody case won’t be the first rodeo for the best family divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. Attorneys who have trial experience quickly learn that standing up for their clients in court requires a steely resolve and a strong backbone. That resolve comes in handy in contentious and emotional child custody cases.

Takes The Emotional Intensity So You Don’t Have To

Divorces that involve child custody are by their very nature some of the most emotional events in the lives of those that experience it. The biggest benefit to having an aggressive attorney is that these fiery souls will take the heat in negotiations so you don’t have to. When you hire an aggressive attorney, you can dial down your own passion on the case, because you know your attorney is going to be relentless in efforts on your behalf.