Did you know there are grandparent visitation precedent cases? You have the right to continue to love your grandchildren and help to raise them into wonderful adults. In fact, they need you more than ever as a constant in their lives when their parents are divorcing. Learn more about how to maintain your grandparent connection during and after a split.

  • Do Your Homework – The most important thing to understand as you begin fighting for visitation with your grandchildren is the statutes vary depending on your home state. Make sure to do a search for your state-specific guidelines, including past cases with positive verdicts in family court.
  • In most states, if a child is in child-welfare custody or has been officially adopted outside of the biological family, there is little likelihood of grandparent visitation.
  • In most states, if your grandchild is living with you at the time of the divorce or has previously lived with you for a period of six-months or more, it’s probable that you will receive visitation benefits.
  • In most states, if one or both of the child’s parents are incarcerated, deemed incompetent, or deceased, you may win a case for visitation benefits.
  • In many states, if the child is adopted by a step-parent, you have grounds to apply for visitation.

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