Going through a divorce can be a nightmare, but sometimes, it helps knowing that you are not alone. I’m sure you have already heard that the U.S. is the 3rd leading country in divorces, but there may be some specifics which will surprise you. Did you know that your age, gender, occupation, and a number of other factors have an impact on whether you will get divorced or not? You don’t need the best divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas to tell you the facts, but you may need one if divorce is heading your way. 

Facts About Marriage And Divorce 

Interestingly enough, the marriage and divorce rates have been steadily falling since 2016. Only 0.6% of couples are married, while the divorce rate is resting firmly at around 0.3% Although there is a lot of speculation as to why this is happening, many experts agree that the rise of social sharing platforms made it much easier to find a substitute for your current partner. Another surprise is that the divorce rate among women is significantly higher, with wives filing for divorce roughly 75% of the time. The divorce rate among women is roughly 1.7%, although in the 1980’s it was at 2.2%. Many people still don’t know the reason for this, but the best divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas may have an answer for you. 

How Long Do Marriages Last? 

What you will find in many marriage statistics is the common pattern of later marriages facing a higher probability of divorce. A typical first marriage in the U.S. will last about 8 years. Experts say that roughly 50% of all marriages will end in separation or divorce, but the second and third marriages face a significantly higher probability of ending badly. Out of all first marriages, 41% result in divorce. With a second marriage, that number rises to a scary 60%. Third marriages have it the worst, with only a 27% chance of success.  

Professions With High Divorce Rates 

What you do makes a difference in whether your marriage will succeed or not. Statistically, it seems that professions that create a lot of social contact seem to have higher divorce rates. Bartenders, dancers, and massage therapists are the three leading professions in divorce with rates of around 40%. You will notice that these professions involve a lot of physical contact and require little education. On the other end of the spectrum, we have dentists, podiatrists, and other scientists with divorce rates in the single digits. A good observation to make is that many professions with low divorce rates require a high level of education. People working in these fields rarely have to worry about finding a good divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas.

Making The Right Choice In Your Divorce 

While these numbers may provide some comfort in knowing that you are not alone when going through a divorce, having a good lawyer present is the best way to avoid losing your case. The only thing worse than a divorce is losing one, so you may want to find the best divorce attorney in San Antonio Texas to avoid that.