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Why an In-Depth Analysis of Complex Divorce Cases is Needed

Generally, when starting the process of divorce, you have a couple of options. You can get an initial divorce attorney consultation that doesn’t cost much and will give you an idea of what to expect. You can get an in-depth analysis that covers your case, the divorce process, mitigating circumstances and likely outcomes.

If you are serious about getting a divorce and looking at hiring an aggressive divorce lawyer in San Antonio, you should opt for the latter even if it’s more expensive. Here is why and what to expect in your initial divorce lawyer consultation.

Why The Analysis Is Important

With the exception of an uncontested divorce case, virtually no case is simple. In fact, most are extremely complex. The more you are familiar with your case and its weaknesses and strengths, the more likely it is you will prevail with a settlement that is acceptable. You also might be able to help your divorce attorney if you know what is going on and what to expect.

What Analysis Entails

Your initial consultation with a divorce attorney in San Antonio entails sitting down with your attorney and closely examining your case. Your lawyer will analyze the following:

  • The facts of your case
  • The divorce process
  • Your priorities—child custody, financial settlements, grandparent rights, relocation, pet custody, etc.
  • The likelihood of getting what you want in trial vs. a settlement
  • Reasonable expectations
  • Estimated cost

Obviously, that’s a huge amount of information, and it likely will take more than a single hour. If a lot of that information is unknown, it may require more than one meeting and research time in between meetings. Each discussion point, however, helps you prepare for your divorce process.

The final point you will discuss is how to proceed. This depends on your opinion, reasonable expectations, how amicable the divorce is and whether you want to contest the divorce or push for a settlement. Based on your case, your attorney will tell you the likely results, and you can decide from there.

You should remember, though, that there may be wiser paths to pursue than others. If, for instance, a settlement is possible with a case you want to contest, you may want to go with the settlement. During this time, you must not let emotion cloud your judgment.

Your Role

Once you decide the path you want to go down, the analysis will also include your responsibilities in the case and the duties your attorney will complete. If your assets are few, and the divorce case is really simple, this might be a light load for both of you. If, though, you have significant assets and a fairly complex living situation, there could be a lot of work for both of you to do.

If you are contemplating a divorce, you can get a “thumbnail” version of what to expect or a detailed analysis of your case. Investing in the latter will leave you better prepared for the process and any contested elements.

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