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What You Should Know about Alimony in the US

Regardless of what side you’re on, if you were thinking about or going through a divorce, alimony or “spousal support” or “maintenance” will undoubtedly play a very important role in the final divorce decree. There are many factors that go into determining alimony and regardless of whether you’re paying it or receiving it, you need to understand how it works. Here are some general guidelines that you should discuss with the best attorney for divorce in San Antonio, Texas you can find.

The Basics

Alimony allotment is determined on a variety of factors and varies from state to state. One factor that plays into almost every order for alimony is the length of the marriage. Other factors that go into determining alimony include the earnings of those involved, both real and potential, and in some states, the respective role of each party in the marriage. Before you have a divorce attorney consultation in San Antonio, Texas, you should put together any financial documents you can find that will help determine the figures that will go into a final alimony determination.

Alimony Restrictions

Generally, the party who must pay alimony will be required to do so until certain criteria are met. That criteria can be a date range from the judge, a former spouse remarrying, children no longer needing a guardian at home, and a significant event such as retirement or death. The expected period of alimony payment will be clearly spelled out in the agreement. If you have the best lawyer for divorce in San Antonio, Texas, the negotiated agreement you get should fairly reflect your earnings and earnings potential as well as a reasonable term for payment or receipt.

If You Have To Pay

Alimony orders are less common than they used to be but still are ordered regularly. Upon consultation with the best divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, if you think you will be ordered to pay alimony, the smartest approach is to meet with your lawyer and a financial advisor to figure out what you can afford. If you’re ordered to pay you are required by law to fulfill that obligation so the smartest approach is to figure out your budget before and make every effort necessary to pay on time. If your circumstances change you and your men’s divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas can go back to court and ask for reconsideration.

If You Receive Alimony

The major, influencing factor in determining alimony is your capacity to earn. Other factors are what your spouse earns and your standard of living during the marriage. There may also be stipulations placed on you that are tied to your receipt of alimony and the amount you will receive.

Chances are, regardless of which party you are, you never expected be talking to the best attorney for divorce in San Antonio, Texas or to be discussing alimony. Unfortunately, you are here and because of that, the best approach is to accept that reality and do you all you can to get the fairest and most reasonable alimony agreement possible.

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