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Understanding the Significance of Clarity in a Marital Settlement Agreement

Having a marital settlement agreement in place is one of the best ways that you can protect you and your soon-to-be ex spouse’s personal property and other assets. However, without going through the proper channels and working with a divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas, to ensure that the agreement is clear and straightforward, there is the possibility for terms it contains to be contended or for disputes to arise later. Here are some of the key reasons that you need to have a perfectly clear marital settlement agreement in place when you divorce.

Divorce Is Quicker

Unfortunately, going through divorce can be extremely stressful. It can also be incredibly long and drawn out if you’re not careful. Other times, one or the other parties will stall the proceedings for one reason or another.

However, with a marital settlement agreement, the two of you will get together and lay out the provisions of your divorce. Being able to come to an agreement on the matters surrounding your divorce will help make an otherwise drawn-out and painful process for your family much easier and amicable. If you and your ex can agree on most of the conditions of your split, then the divorce will be final a lot more efficiently.

You Have More Control

When you get divorced without a marital settlement agreement in place, then all the provisions of your divorce decree are largely up to attorneys and judges who have no real personal ties to the outcome. When you’re deciding who has custody of your minor children, for instance, do you want that to be a decision made by people who love and care for the children, or leave it to the judge to decide?

When you have a clear agreement in place, however, things like property division and child custody are a cinch to work through. This gives you and your ex a lot more control in how things turn out and makes divorce one step less stressful.

Protect Your Children

Often what happens in a divorce situation is that bitter and hard feelings towards the other spouse are leaked to the kids between you. When this happens, kids may feel like they’re being pitted against the other spouse, which can have long-term consequences on them. By having a clear marital settlement agreement in place, you and your ex can move forward with your split, making sure that the decisions that were made are best for the whole family.

Clarity in any marital settlement agreement is essential to avoid future disputes and reduce or eliminate the potential for litigation. Make sure you work with an aggressive divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas, to craft a marital settlement agreement that will protect you, your assets, and help get you started on your next phase of life as a happier, more contented person.

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