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Tips for Explaining Divorce to Your Children

You and your spouse decide to go your separate ways. Finding a good divorce attorney should be your first step. Before you go much further, you need to sit down and talk to your children.

Finding The Right Time

There’s no perfect time to tell your children their lives are about to change, but some settings are better than others. Your conversation should not be spontaneous. Maintain control of the situation and create as little stress on the children as possible. Find a time that fits in the children’s schedule.

Who Should Be Present?

You and your spouse should both be present when the children are told about the divorce. You may want to invite a grandparent or nanny who spends a lot of time with the children. You’ll probably want to tell all your children at the same time, but if there is a wide age gap between your children, you may want to talk with them separately. Make sure the news comes from you and your spouse and not the other children.

Preparing For The Meeting

You and your spouse should plan and even rehearse what you’re going to tell the children. Anticipate and be prepared for the questions your children will ask. Decide what message you want to relay to your children and stick to the script.

Being Positive

Both you and your spouse should let the children know that you love them and want what is best for them. Don’t bicker with your spouse. Assure the children that you and your spouse are going to do your best to help them with the transition.

Keeping Things Simple

Give as little information as possible during your initial conversation. If a parent will no longer be living in the home, explain what contact the children will have with the parent. You know from your divorce lawyer consultation that matters could get contentious. Let your divorce attorney handle things. Keep your children out of the battle.

Keeping The Children Informed

Your divorce may be amicable. Explain to your children the custody and visitation arrangements you and your spouse work out. Give them a chance to voice objections.

If you and your spouse can’t agree on parenting issues, explain to the children that a mediator or judge will decide what will happen. Let the children know everyone’s primary concern is their best interests.

Finding a good divorce lawyer is essential to protecting your rights in a divorce case. A divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, who has handled hundreds of divorce cases, can give you practical advice or point you to useful literature or articles to help you make the divorce easier on your children.

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