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Things You Should Never Keep from a Divorce Attorney

You’ve come to the conclusion that the marriage you’re involved in can no longer be saved. You and your spouse have drifted apart to the point that the differences between the two of you can no longer be reconciled. The next step in this situation is to seek out the services of a divorce lawyer.

The dissolution of a marriage is an intensely stressful period for a couple that could no longer make matrimony work. There are assets to be divided and spousal support to be negotiated. Custody arrangements can be particularly wrenching if children are involved. Details of your financial and even personal background can be laid bare before divorce attorneys.

There may be certain troubling or embarrassing aspects of your life or relationship you may decide aren’t suitable as part of the divorce discussion. Hiding revealing information from your attorney can do more harm than good. Here are some things you should never conceal from the divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, that you’ve retained for your case.

Bad Behavior

Any marriage is threatened by infidelity or inappropriate activity that can put you or your family at risk. You may have been unfaithful, involved in deceitful behavior, or addicted to illegal drugs, behavior you’re reluctant to reveal to a divorce attorney. Your lawyer must know this information, regardless of how harmful it is. It’s better for your lawyer to know that the one who is representing your spouse could use this information to gain the upper hand. This can go both ways. You may have suspicions about your spouse and even done some investigating of your own to get proof. Again, let your divorce lawyer know.


Financial issues can strain a marriage. You or your spouse may be responsible for concealing money problems or, worse, is the cause of them through irresponsible financial management. You must bring up at your divorce lawyer consultation any financial issues or difficulties that may affect you during the proceedings. Your finances will be thoroughly reviewed as part of the divorce, so anything you try to conceal will come out.

Social Media

Social media Divorce attorneys are paying more attention to the social media behavior of their clients. An article in the National Law Review notes that 81 percent of attorneys use social network evidence in court, and a third of all divorce cases are the result of extramarital affairs initiated online. There’s a risk to hiding from your attorney damaging social media posts that you published about your troubled relationship with your spouse, or sexist or racially insensitive comments you made online that can say something about your overall character. They likely can be used against you by the opposing lawyer representing your spouse, so your attorney will want to know everything you’ve posted online that could affect your case

Be Open

The best family divorce lawyer that represents you will do what it takes to ensure a fair and just outcome for you. As a client you must be open with information, even if you see it as damaging. The most effective approach to working with your divorce lawyer is to give the lawyer everything they need and conceal nothing. Make your first call to the Law Office of Steven C. Benke to make to get the divorce process started. The team has the experience to help you with your options. Call 210-308-0004 to schedule a consultation.

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