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The Importance of Transparency in Your Divorce Case

Divorce is a trying time on a number of levels. You’re going through a great change in your life in general, and your relationship with another person is changing, too. This is especially true if there are any kids in the picture since you need to consider them at every stage in the process. You might get into a custody battle, or you might have to get into a fight over money or property. At times like these, you might be tempted to keep some aspects of your relationships to yourself, but that can actually hurt you in the long run. When you first go in for a divorce attorney consultation in San Antonio, Texas, transparency is a tremendously important part of the process.

What You Should Tell Your Lawyer

Any good divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas, will need to know why the divorce is happening in the first place. If you or your spouse can accuse each other of wrongdoing, your lawyer will need to know that. He or she also should learn about any agreements between you and your spouse, especially if they haven’t been put into writing yet.

Why It’s Important

There are a couple reasons why it’s important to be up-front with your divorce lawyer. The first is that, as a layperson, you’re not as likely to know what information is relevant to a trial. A lawyer has studied for years to know about legal precedent in certain situations and cases, so he or she can help you figure out when a law or ruling applies to your situation. Also, if the other side brings up a situation in trial and you haven’t told your lawyer about it, they’ll be completely blindsided. It’ll make them less likely to be able to build a strong case for you.

Why It Should Happen Immediately

Most work in a divorce case is actually done before the trial. A divorce attorney spends most of their time going through the discovery phase and building up evidence ahead of time. The actual trial isn’t the place and time for anything new and unexpected to come up. If your spouse is making any claims about the case, your lawyer will need time to research them. This is even true if your spouse is bringing up true allegations that could be damaging to you. Your lawyer will need time to look at the circumstances to decide how to best present the information.

Putting Your Mind At Ease

Whenever anyone goes for a divorce lawyer consultation in San Antonio, Texas, the good news is that everything said in that room stays in that room. If you find yourself in this position, you’re protected by attorney-client privilege. Besides that, your attorney won’t be judging you; that’s not what they’re there for. He or she is a professional who’s there to do a job, and whatever you have to say, they’ve probably heard something like it before. There’s no downside to sharing information with your attorney, and it can only help your case. If you’re getting ready to meet with an attorney for the first time, or if you’ve already begun your consultations, get your information ready and share it with them today.

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