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Legal Alternatives to Divorce

Over 20 percent of marriages fail within the first five years. Divorce is an emotionally charged event that most people do not want to go through. When the situation gets out of hand, you may need to seek out a divorce attorney consultation in San Antonio, TX. You may not need to get divorced right away. Here are legal alternatives to divorce that you should know about.


An annulment is a retroactive method that voids the marriage. If you’re eligible for an annulment, the court will void the marriage as if it never occurred in the first place. To qualify, you must provide proof that you entered into the marriage based on misrepresentation or deceit.

How To Qualify For An Annulment

Most people apply for annulments because they believe they have been defrauded into the marriage. The common reasons include prior criminal records, alcohol or drug addiction, or lying about being infertile. In those situations, if the truth would have been revealed, they more than likely would not have married the other person. There are other circumstances where an annulment will be granted such as being mentally incompetent or being impaired by drugs at the time of the marriage agreement.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is an option when an annulment cannot be granted. This is a solution if you’re not ready to be divorced or there are some religious reasons. Also, legal separation has financial advantages. One of the common financial benefits of legal separation is that you do not have to worry about being obligated for debts that your spouse accrued during the time of separation. You must file for legal separation through the courts, otherwise, you could still be held responsible even though you live apart. You will also benefit from asset protection which safeguards your property and other assets you hold. Regarding health benefits, you may remain on the health care plan of your spouse which would have otherwise been lost through divorce.

An Amicable Divorce

If you have exhausted all options, your divorce does not have to be messy. A divorce mediation is a suitable alternative to complicated court proceedings. An uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, can help you through the process and mediation is often beneficial to both spouses and the children. It may seem hard at first to negotiate with your spouse, but working on the same team can put forth a healthier divorce. If you’re unsure about the mediation process, an uncontested divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, can sit down with you to discuss your options.

Fathers In Divorce

Most are under the assumption that the family court system is in favor of women. A men’s divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, will support father’s rights and understands that fathers are entitled to the same rights as women in the family court system. If you’re a father and are unsure of your custody rights, a men’s divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, can aid you in understanding what your rights are.

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