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Key Factors That Determine Divorce Alimony

A divorce is a complicated situation, and every case is different. No matter what the situation, whether the divorce is contested or not, there will always be a wide range of factors that will help the judge assign what he believes to be a fair alimony payment. That’s why you need an uncontested divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, to go through all of this information with you and help you figure out what applies to you so that you can make the best case possible.

Time Married

This one is fairly straightforward. Longer marriages generally come with higher alimonies. Sometimes an aggressive divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, will try to downplay this aspect of the matter, but it’s an important one, and you need to have someone on your side. After all, the longer you spend with someone, the more emotionally and financially invested you become in the relationship.


When you’re finding a good divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, you need one who will consider your financial situation, since the judge will as well. This means he’ll look at what money and assets both sides have, what jobs they have, and what other income they might receive. That helps him determine how much one party can pay and how much the other party needs. Since alimony sometimes qualifies as taxable income, the judge needs to factor that into the equation as well when determining how much the receiving spouse needs.

Divorced CoupleLiving Situation

Similarly, the alimony might be higher if the spouse receiving it had to sacrifice a lot for a marriage. For instance, if he had to quit or refuse a good job, stay home to take care of children, and so on. The best divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, can discuss the living situation of both parties with you to help you figure out how much alimony might be needed to offset this.


Alimony is also higher when children are involved. The judge will take it into account if one spouse is left as the primary caregiver for the kids. That means that he has to invest his time and money into keeping the children healthy and educated.


Adultery is a subject that’s difficult to talk about no matter what side of it you’re on, but the best divorce attorney in San Antonio, TX, will remain professional and nonjudgmental during the conversation. What you say is also protected by attorney-client privilege, so it’s best to discuss this early on before it comes up in court. At that time, you’ll want to address the subject with logic and planning rather than emotion. Of course, it’ll still be hard, just like the whole divorce process usually is, but a good attorney can help you through it. If you need more information specific to your case, make an appointment with a divorce lawyer today.

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