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Four Important Keys to Success in Court

As with every type of court drama, a divorce case is one when one party employs a strategy that is sounder than the other party’s. In court, as any divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas will tell you, that requires planning and certain intangibles that help the court help the winning party. Here is a summary of those intangibles.

Listen To Your Lawyer

Your lawyer has one job: To represent you as best as they can. From your initial divorce lawyer consultation to the final decree, their object is to make sure you get the best outcome possible. They also understand the nuances of divorce and the law. You do not. Therefore, it is in your best interest and the first part of any successful divorce strategy, that you listen to them. If you do have a question, ask. If you question their advice, discuss it with them. Understand, though, unless you are a Hollywood superstar with five or six marriages under your belt, or you’re a fellow divorce attorney, you do not know as much as the lawyer you hired to represent you.

Learn Your Cases’ Dynamics

Every divorce has two sides. If you don’t have any idea what your soon-to-be ex will say about your role in the divorce, you’re at an extreme disadvantage. Before your initial divorce attorney consultation, take some time and write down what you objectively think they might say about you that will help their case or bolster yours. That will help an aggressive divorce lawyer formulate a counter-strategy. It will take some brutal honesty, however, or you’ll be harming your side more than helping it.

Once your attorneys have met with their attorneys, review any case notes, even if you were in the room when it was going on. Understanding your “opponent’s” case in a divorce, particularly if it’s contested, can give your side the edge. There’s nothing worse than being blindsided by some dynamic of a case that neither you nor your attorney anticipated.

Review And Judge Your Evidence

In any divorce, even amicable endeavors, one side has a stronger case than the other. That does not mean the stronger always prevail, but it does mean the stronger, barring intangibles, has a better chance. That said, you need to review any evidence you offer, from financial statements to police reports (if applicable) to any other information you offer to help your side prevail in the divorce, particularly as it applies to finances and any children involved. Listen to your divorce attorney regarding how strong evidence is and what you should expect.

Keep Your Cool

Nothing can blow up a divorce hearing for one side or another more than a participant that loses their cool. If your divorce is acrimonious, it is likely your soon-to-be ex will say inflammatory things, even things that are not true. If that is the case, keep your cool, tell your divorce lawyer and let them correct the record. If the judge asks you for your rendition of what is being alleged, do not criticize the other side, but correct the record.

Divorce proceedings often can come down to who is better prepared and who keeps their cool during tense moments. If you’re shopping for a divorce lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, keep that in mind as you start to put together a strategy to get the best outcome for all involved.

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