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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce can be a tricky and painful time, but there are still certain things to be aware of during the legal process. Read on to learn about common mistakes people make during divorce proceedings, how to avoid them and make the process as smooth and successful as possible, and why you need the best lawyer for divorce in San Antonio, Texas.

Don’t Underestimate The Process

Whether you have kids and numerous assets to worry about or think your divorce should be extremely simple and straightforward, don’t underestimate the process. Too many people enter divorce proceedings thinking that everything will be done with the snap of their fingers, while the actual process has to follow specific timelines, court rules, and procedures. Because things are always more complicated than people expect, it can be a huge mistake to try and handle things on your own. An who is intimately familiar with the process, laws, and required steps will be invaluable in making sure your divorce is actually finalized and that your rights aren’t compromised.

Don’t Try To Rush The Timing

The reality of divorce proceedings is that they take a lot of time. Underestimating this process can be harmful and frustrating, and it is much better to set realistic expectations. Even without children to work out custody for, a straightforward divorce still takes a minimum of two months. When custody is involved, six months is a more realistic minimum. Any complication, disagreement, hard feelings, or diverging wishes will add time to this minimum, and it is recommended that you plan on the process taking longer than you would expect. In fact, settling too quickly just to get things over with can be a huge mistake that costs you a lot in the long run.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Get In The Way

One of the main problems that people run into when going through the legal aspects of a divorce is letting their emotions get in the way. Divorce can be a painful and difficult time, but when it comes to children, assets, and making legal decisions, judges care about facts. Being too emotional can get in the way of your best interests. Insisting on fighting, getting your kids too involved in the mess, intentionally increasing debt, waiting for certain holidays or events to end, and other emotional decisions are common mistakes that people make that cause more harm than good. A good lawyer can help you separate facts from emotions and present the best possible case that will help get you what you need.

Don’t Discount Mediation

For many divorcing couples, mediation can be an excellent way to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. It allows both parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement that is more likely to be followed than rulings that are forced upon them by a judge. By overcoming your desire to avoid coming face to face with your spouse, you can actually get further with your needs in some cases. In cases of abuse, you can even petition to have the mediation happen in separate rooms.

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