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Co-Parenting Through Divorce: 5 Things to Remember

Divorce is challenging, especially when children are involved. Not only do you have to adjust to a new routine, schedule, and family dynamic, but you also have to learn how to co-parent with your ex-spouse. It’s definitely difficult. There are things that you can do to keep things amicable and ensure that your children come first. With these tips from the best aggressive divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas, you can learn to co-parent easily.

Communicate Constantly

Now that your divorce is final, it’s time to let bygones be bygones. There’s nor further need to discuss personal issues. It won’t do either of you any good. Limit your communication to conversations regarding your children. It’s imperative that you discuss their behavior, discipline, welfare, and anything else that may come up. By keeping communication open between the two of you, it helps you to push personal issues aside and focus on the best interests of your kids.

Stay United

You may no longer be united in marriage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be united in parenting. Now, more than ever, it’s important that you display a united front and make important parenting decisions together. This helps your children to adjust more easily and allows the two of you to co-parent amicably. Consult each other with major decisions and make sure that you’re both able to attend special events, like football games, recitals, and school plays, together.

Keep It Fair

It’s only natural for parents to want to spend as much time as they can with their kids, especially after a divorce. Keep in mind that this is a big change for everyone. Do your best to keep time distribution fair. Time spent for holidays, birthdays, and special events should be organized well before they arrive and should allow both parents the time that they deserve.

Reassure Your Children Frequently

Your children will likely feel hurt, sad, confused, guilty, and angry in the time following your divorce. This is completely normal. Take time to talk to them about their feelings and reassure them that they’re loved by both parents. Both you and your ex should work together to ensure that you’re children have the comfort that they need to proceed in this new phase of life.

Keep It Clean

Under no circumstances should you ever disparage your ex spouse in front of your children. Name calling, frustrations, and grumblings should never be voiced while your kids are present. This creates conflict not only between your children and your ex, but also between you and your ex. Keep in mind that while you divorced your spouse, your children didn’t divorce your spouse. They’re still just as attached. It’s now your duty to foster that relationship and keep it sacred. 

Your time with your divorce attorney in San Antonio, Texas may be over, but the real trial is just beginning. Now, it’s time to figure out how to co-parent peacefully. Contact the team at the Law Offices of Steven C. Benke for more advice.

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