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Are Aggressive Lawyers More Effective?

The dissolution of a marriage can be painful for a couple that could no longer work things out in their relationship. An estranged couple heading to divorce court turns its focus to negotiating settlements like alimony and child support to meet the financial or custody demands of one spouse or the other. An equitable solution, or the best interests of the child involved, is what the divorce hearing judge takes into consideration when rendering a decision.

The emotional nature of divorce litigation has created a market for attorneys that present themselves as specialists in aggressive representation. They solicit business with promises to fight for a client’s legal rights and to be tough in the divorce process. These are welcome words for anyone facing a contentious divorce proceeding with a lot at stake.

A lawyer’s aggressiveness may be seen as a measure of their effectiveness. If you are someone seeking the services of an aggressive divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, it is best to know if aggressiveness does equal effectiveness.

In Need Of An Advocate

You may want highly aggressive counsel to advocate for you in your divorce situation. It may be particularly contentious, such as if a spouse has committed particularly egregious acts that contributed to the end of the marriage. The spouse may have lined up the best divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, that is prepared to pursue aggressive litigation, and you want to maintain equal legal footing in the courtroom. In situations like this, you prefer someone prepared to dig in their heels on your behalf.

Resolution Or Confrontation

An aggressive approach in your divorce proceeding could lead to either confrontation or resolution. An aggressive attorney pursuing no-holds-barred advocacy can run up legal fees and endless sparring with your spouse’s counsel. An attorney who prefers to work with opposing counsel toward a resolution of the divorce is more effective for you in most situations because the goal of an uncontested divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, is to reach an agreement that is fair and equitable to all involved.

Judicial Tolerance

An aggressive lawyer in a divorce case can be a liability in the courtroom. Judges have little patience with attorneys who do a disservice to their clients over litigious and confrontational strategy by taking offense at imagined slights and failing to show accommodation or courtesy to opposing counsel. The lawyer with an aggressive approach may show toughness on your behalf in your divorce case, but in the end, it does not impress a judge.

A lawyer employing an aggressive strategy could antagonize opposing counsel as well. The best lawyer for a divorce in San Antonio, TX, is one that sets a positive tone in the litigation. An attorney that comes out aggressive at the outset may find it hard to have an effective working relationship with the opposing attorney.

Family LawChoose Wisely

An attorney who promises to pursue your divorce case aggressively may be what you are looking for. It is up to you to determine if aggressiveness equals effectiveness. In your consultation with your choice of an aggressive divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, discuss how successful they were with previous clients. Talk with people you know who the attorney represented and ask them if the confrontational approach worked out for them. When it comes to the lawyer handling your divorce case, it is best to choose wisely.

Divorce is difficult enough without having high-quality representation, so you want a legal firm to represent your interests best. The Law Offices of Steven C. Benke is a legal team with the professionals experienced in family law. Call the Law Offices of Steven C. Benke at 210-308-0004 to request a consultation.

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