Michael is a fully bilingual attorney, natively proficient in English and Spanish, and is currently licensed to practice law throughout Mexico and in the State of Texas in the United States. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, he lived in a variety of different cities during his childhood years, including: San Antonio and Houston, Texas; San Diego, California; and Puebla, Mexico. Professionally, Michael has had the invaluable international experience of working, living, and studying in three different countries- Mexico, the United States and Spain. 

Michael earned his initial law degree in Mexico, graduating from the renowned Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Tecnológico de Monterrey/ITESM) in December of 2016, obtaining his Bachelor's in Law and Political Science (JD Equivalent). During this time, Michael was selected to participate in a semester-long, honor-level program titled "Forming the Global Attorney" at the prestigious European law firm, Garrigues, in the City of Madrid.

While in Mexico, Michael clerked during law school and practiced law after graduation with various firms. He handled multiple cases among several legal disciplines including Corporate, Intellectual Property, Labor, and Civil/Familial disputes. 

Thereafter, Michael went to the United States to continue his legal education, where he obtained his Master of Law Degree (LLM) from St. Mary's University School of Law, and his license to practice in Texas in May of 2021.  During this time, Michael had the learning experience of working alongside other attorneys that handled Family Law and Immigration matters, two areas of the law that he’s passionate about.

After law school, in the interest of gaining the broadest possible spectrum of legal experience, Michael worked at a small law firm in the San Antonio, Texas area that handled cases dealing with Personal Injury, Probate, Real Estate and Criminal Defense. This broad exposure provided Michael with an invaluable depth and range of legal knowledge and first-hand courtroom experience.

Michael offers his clients representation that is a combination of the abilities derived from his broad experience: he takes a "negotiate first, but gloves-on if needed" approach that combines his meticulous attention to detail with his confident and assertive demeanor, and always seeks to fulfill his specific client's needs and interests in the most efficient way possible.

When Michael isn't acting in an advocate capacity, he dedicates his spare time to the gym, biking on the trails, gaming or socializing with friends, reading a good book, geeking out on anything coffee or car related, and traveling the world with his family.