Alex Salazar has a passion for helping people during their most difficult and trying times. Mr. Salazar’s approach to tackling emotionally charged issues such as family law matters is through diplomacy. In an effort to minimize conflict, Mr. Salazar finds that negotiating settlements in family matters reduces animosity and stress between everyone involved, particularly children.

However, Mr. Salazar has no problem taking a more aggressive approach when diplomacy fails. Although Mr. Salazar has a firm belief in a “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” attitude, Mr. Salazar’s litigation style allows him to adjust arguments on the fly allowing for greater flexibility in the courtroom when presenting matters to the Court.

Alex Salazar originally graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in 1996 with a  bachelor of science in Construction Science. Upon graduation from Texas A&M, Mr. Salazar worked for himself as well as with a number of large, industrial and heavy civil construction companies, both internationally and nationally, in charge of up to 120 million dollars worth of work.

Mr. Salazar returned to law school when his first son was born and received a doctorate of jurisprudence at the St. Mary’s School of Law in 2010 and received his law license in 2011. Mr. Salazar originally had his own firm in which he specialized in family, business, and property law related matters.

Mr. Salazar has since become a part of the Benke Team in 2019. Mr. Salazar now brings his 15 years in the construction industry as a project manager and his almost 10 years of experience as a solo practitioner to the Law Office of Steven C. Benke with an emphasis in divorces involving division and partitions of community property with large property and business related assets.

Mr. Salazar looks forward to your business by assisting you through some of the most trying times that you may experience in your life by being as empathetic as possible, looking out for your best interest, and resolving any issues as painlessly as possible.